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FOOD MENU › The Ugly Kitchen ‹ Asian fusion and Filipino cuisine
Asian fusion and Filipino cuisine



$8.00 Spicy Pork Buns

Our Signature spicy marinated pork in a soft milk bun with lettuce, house sauce and house brined pickles.


$7.00 Fried Isaw

Deep fried pork ruffles served w/ soy sauce vinegar.


$6.00 Seasoned Frites

Crispy fries dusted with parmesan cheese and served with spicy ketchup.

$8.00 Ugly Wings

Deep fried chicken wings with the choice of asian garlic or classic buffalo sauce.


$8.00 Fried Spring Rolls

Ground pork, shrimp and spices with a sweet chilli sauce.


$5.00 Ugly Dumplings

Thin and crispy pastry dough with fresh herb infused cheese and tomatoes with a side of chimichurri


$9.00 Ugly Grilled Apple

Organic salad mixed with candied walnuts, goat cheese and grilled apples with soy honey balsamic reduction

$7.00 Ugly Spicy Garden Salad

Fresh Mixed greens with tomatoes, cucumber, cherry peppers, chimichurri, balsamic, sambal reduction



$14.00 Ugly Grilled Chicken

Fire grilled tender chicken with a Korean fusion marinade served with salad and rice.

16.00 Sizzling Spicy Chicken Adobo

Boneless Chicken cooked in garlic, Asian vinegar and soy sauce served on a hot sizzling plate with garlic rice.


16.00 Adobo Ribs

Traditional Filipino Adobo Ribs cooked in Asian vinegar and soy sauce and garlic served w/ scrambled egg, fresh tomatoes, fish sauce and garlic rice.

$11.00 Ugly Spaghetti

Traditional Filipino spaghetti w/ sausage and ground pork.

Filipino Specialties


$5.00 Ugly Duckling

Balut "Fear Fa ctor Experience"


$15.00 Sizzling Sisig

Spicy minced pork belly, liver, cheek sautéed in onion and soy sauce served on a sizzling plate with egg on top.


$12.00 Longsilog

Sweet pork sausage served with eggs & garlic rice.

$13.00 Tapsilog

Thinly slice steak & eggs served with garlic rice.

$13.00 Tocilog

Sweet cured ham served with eggs & garlic rice.

$14.00 Bistek

Thinly sliced beef marinated in asian soy sauce served with garlic rice.


$14.00 Beef Pares

Slowly braised beef stew in a sweet star anise sauce served with garlic rice.

$12.00 Laing

Sautéed taro leaves cooked in coconut milk, with chili flakes and shrimp paste.

$14.00 Lechon Kawali

Deep fried crispy pork belly served with white rice and liver sauce.


$25.00 Crispy Pata

Deep Fried pork hock and knuckles (2-3 person).

12.00 Tinapasilog

Boneless smoked milk fish served with eggs & garlic rice.

$8.00 Arrozcaldo

Rice congee with boneless chicken in a ginger base topped with hard boiled egg and saffron.