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Asian fusion and Filipino cuisine


$10.00 Cucumber Peach Martini

Organic cucumber vodka, peach schnapps & peach juice

$10.00 Lychee Martini

Vodka, blackcurrants & lychee juice

$10.00 Mango Sour Martini

Rum, mango juice & lime

$10.00 Green Tea Martini

Green tea matcha blended with vodka

$10.00 Calamansi Martini

Vodka, salt & calamansi juice

$10.00 Ginger Mint Mojito

Rum, mint & ginger

$10.00 Spicy Mango

Tequila, jalapeno, mint, ginger & mango

$10.00 Buko Pandan

Rum, midori, coconut water

$12.00 Weng Weng

Filipino version of long Island ice tea


$6.00 Kirin Light

Japanese light beer

$6.00 San Miguel Pale Pilsen

Imported Pale Pilsen beer from Philippines

$6.00 San Miguel Lights

Imported light beer from Philippines

$6.00 San Miguel Red Horse

Imported blend beer that rock your world

$7.00 Stella Artois

Lager beer brewed in Leuven, Belgium

$7.00 Goose Island

Wheat Ale beer by Goose Island Beer Company

$7.00 Land Shark

Lager style beer brewed by Margaritaville Brewing Co.

$7.00 Shock Top

Belgian White beer

Red Wine

$9.00 Montepulciano

Aromas of spice, black raspberry, plum and sweet earth, smooth and well-balanced.

$9.00 Pinor Noir

Delicate and fruity with hints of blackberry, taste soft and velvety, slightly pungent.

$9.00 Sangiovese

The wine is ruby-red with a garnet reflex. Perfumes remains ripe red fruit and spices notes of ribes and vanilla. The taste is a full body wine with a long persistence.

$9.00 Cabernet sauvignon

Delicate and fruity with hints of blackberry, taste soft and velvety, slightly pungent.

$9.00 Malbec

White Wine

$9.00 Sauvignon Blanc

Herbaceous with floral nose. Dry on the palate.

$9.00 Pinot Grigio

It has straw yellow colour, a characteristic nutty and dry, clean flavor with a refreshing acidity.

$9.00 Chardonay

Ripe apple, melon, bright citrus and baking spice flavors good choice for fish and chicken dishes.


$9.00 Abati Regali

Sparkling wine, Taste fresh, well structured, the palate pleasant and harmonious.


$9.00 Moscato D’asti

Cascina delle Pertiche Delightly sweet with lush fruity aromas.


$120.00 Champagne

Mo√ęt & Chandon Veuve Clicquot fine balance between fruity aromas and more subtle toasty notes.