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Asian fusion and Filipino cuisine

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Cancellation policy:
Reservations must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to reservation. No exceptions.

Credit Card required to hold a reservation:
If reservation is not cancelled within the time limit allowed or the party does not show up for the reservation, the credit card given at time of reservation will be charged $10 for each person expected. The reserving party will be issued this dollar amount in the form of a gift certificate to be used on a subsequent visit. (Example: If a party of 5 does not show up for their reservation, a $50 gift certificate will be issued to the card holder.)


Your table will be held for 15 minutes after your reservation time. If you are later than that, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and charge the credit card gift certificate minimum stated above.

Time limit per table per reservation:
Because we are now scheduling multiple parties each evening and have to account for reservations later in the service as well as the time it takes to serve each guest in proper Ugly Kitchen style, we reserve the right to limit your time at the table to two hours (timed from the scheduled reservation; not the time seated, served, etc.)